A Commitment to Excellence

Evan Bachrach, CMO


Evan Bachrach has had a business mindset since his early adolescence, as his parents encouraged conversation centered on business at the dinner table. These entrepreneurial lessons stuck with him, and he has carried them with him throughout his life. 

As a young man, Evan attended Adelphi University, where he received his Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management. Evan has been hands-on in several of RASE's companies - starting as a Recruiter in The Bachrach Group, he later joined Netlan Technology Center on the Operations side to help grow that business, and currently, he lends his Sales and Marketing expertise to further grow Cloud 9 Exotics' brand and mentor his younger employees. 

His primary hope is to see RASE’s companies pool their resources together to satisfy mutual clientele while also strengthening relationships. 

Connect with Evan on LinkedIn: Evan Bachrach